Online Semi-Permanent Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Training Course


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Online Semi-Permanent Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Training Course

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Please note: You can only complete Russian lashes if your already qualified in classics.

Our Online Semi-Permanent Russian Volume Eyelash Training Course is an excellent way to add to your skill set.

 If you choose to select this course, you will be fully supported and aided with any queries or guidance you may require. Support and guidance is provided via the messaging app WhatsApp - available for download in the App Store.

Upon purchase, you will be provided with in depth training videos.

When reaching the final stages of each Unit, you are required to answer three questions regarding the information specified within that unit. All answers to each unit of questions must be forwarded, via email, to our team for evaluation and assessment. Finally, three mandatory case studies will have to be provided by yourself in order to acquire your qualification.

This course is made up of 5 seperate units

Unit 1: Health and Safety within the Salon

Unit 2: Anatomy of the Eye and Hair

Unit 3: Client Consultations and Patch Testing

Unit 4: Contra-indications and Eyelash Mites

Unit 5: Types of Lashes

Unit 6: Applying Russian Volume Lashes, Infill and Removal

Unit 7: Aftercare Advice

Russian Eyelash Kit:

When purchasing this course you have 3 options 

1. Purchase the course on its own, you are more than welcome to source and purchase your own kit.

2. Purchase the course with a full training kit from us. We have chosen this kit as it is fantastic products that we highly recommend. This kit consists of LashBase products. When you need a volume kit, 99.9% of the time, you are already experienced and qualified in lashing. This means that you are likely to already have a lot of the tools that can cross over from classic to volume. Because of this, we have stripped back the kit to provide only what’s needed, plus, a few tweezers that can all be used depending on your preferred technique. This kit costs £53.99 contents are:

0.07mm No.1 Premium Lashes - Mixed Length C curl lengths 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm 11mm 12mm 13mm 

* Extreme plus lash adhesive 

Vetus Professional Tweezers ST17

Round Foot Angled Volume Tweezers

Expert Volume and Isolation Fine Point Tweezers

* Latex sponge 

3. The last option is a full kit including things you would need for Classic Lashes, this kit is £70, once you have purchased this course we can send you a link to this kit. 

NOTE: please allow up to 7 working days for your Training Kit to arrive.

All of our courses are Accredited and Insurable. On completion you will receive a certificate via email along with a link to purchase your insurance.